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Countertop Electric Hot Plates

Countertop Electric Hot Plates
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Model: TMHP

Gas and electric hot plates are the most economical and flexible countertop hot plates in the food service industry.  They offer unsurpassed performance, combining a proven control system with Toastmaster quality and durability.  

General Information:
The electric model is available with (2) 9” cooking plates, while the gas model is available in 3 different sizes - 12”, 24” and 36”.

Stainless steel front including top rail, with aluminized steel rear and sides.  Gas units include full crumb tray for easy cleaning.  

The TMHPE and TMHPF are wired with combination voltage of 208/240 Volts, single phase and must be hard wired on site.  There is no electrical requirement on the gas units.

The TMHP2-6 gas units contain 2 burners per 12”.  The TMHP2’s have a total of 2 burners, the TMHP4’s have a total of 4 burners, and the TMHP6’s have a total of 6 burners.  

On the electric models, heating is accomplished with 9” solid round hotplate with element embedded in ceramic and permanently bonded to the plate.  

In the gas units, each burner is controlled by independent control of flame.  One standing pilot services each burner.  A 3/4” rear connection is standard.  Each burner is rated for 20,000 BTU/hr.
One front panel mounted control knob per burner or plate, to allow adjustable flame height or heat control.

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